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One of the finest trails we have in San Clemente is the San Clemente Coastal Trail. It flanks the Pacific Ocean on the beach in San Clemente. On any given day, you meet up with other friendly hikers, bicyclists, runners and families enjoying the outdoors. Watching surfers, swimmers, sunbathers, porpoises, pelicans, and marine life is an everyday happening.  As you trek along the trail you gaze upwards towards the bluff and view many ocean front homes of various custom build shapes and sizes looking seaward towards San Clemente Island, Catalina Island and South towards the Coronado Cays.  As one of our clients said, “Paradise I tell you, just paradise”!

Rich and DelAnn Lozzi Broker/Owners of Ocean and Land Realty live in San Clemente and are here to serve your real estate needs and wants.  Call us at 949 525 3766/3626 to start your adventure!

Below is a recent video and our Mayor, Chris Hamm describing the San Clemente Coastal Trail.

Click Here For Video

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