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Three Important Things to Consider When Purchasing a Home
1. Location – Yes, everyone says this but what does that mean to you? Is it a cul-de-sac in a family friendly neighborhood? Is it in the demographics where the average household makes $90,000 a year or more? Is it where all the homes are custom built? Is it where all the homes are close to stores, schools, places of worship, doctors, hospitals or medical facilities? Location, location, location…

2. Are you working or are you retired? How long will it take you to get to work or other destination? Are you close to freeways or highways? Are you going to drive or take other transportation such as buses or trains to your destinations? Does your area have easy access to parks, playgrounds and recreational facilities? Is child care easily accessible during different hours?

3. Are you purchasing the home as your last residence? Most buyers stay in their homes from 5-7 years, and then move. If you are going to set a goal of moving into a larger home, make sure that the area you are purchasing has a history of appreciation. Remember to always consider inflation and how much of a salary increase or savings you have acquired. If you’re staying in the home until you pass, make sure you can keep up with your bills, mortgage (if you have one) and home maintenance repairs.
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