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Things to Consider When Selling Your House
1. Make sure your mind is in the selling mode. Have a reason and a necessity to sell. Whether it is to move up or down, move closer to relatives or friends or move into a city or rural environment.
2. Try to start thinking of your home as someone else’s. When we give you a written comparable market analysis, try to look at it objectively. Most everyone thinks their home is worth more than the same model that sold this last month. Is it? Try not to have the idea that we can always list your house higher than come down. It hurts your chances of selling if you’re listing much higher than the comparables, and definitely will affect the negotiations if you get an accepted offer, and the appraisal doesn’t come up to the selling price.
3. Get your home ready to sell. Fix all the little maintenance items and make the home more presentable to perspective buyers. Try to depersonalize! The object is to have the buyers visualize your home as being theirs.
4. Hire Us! We are professionals and have years of experience in selling homes. Save yourself a lot of stress. Contact us!